About Roman Betik

This is me

Hi there. My name is Roman Betik and this is my personal photography blog.

What I currently do

At the moment I am a software developer in Prague. This is my full-time job. Photography is my passion and this blog is where I share it.

What I like

I obviously like taking photographs. I created this website so I could share my photos with you. I hope I can make your day a bit happier by showing you some beautiful places I visited or moments I captured.

The next thing I love is travelling. I love the feeling of discovering new places. It is like you never know what is going to happen and usually great stuff happens. I try to always have my camera with me so I can capture these great moments. I think our time on this planet is mainly about those little moments, which when tied together, create a beautiful web we call life. The best moments are worth saving, in my case in the form of a photograph.

Why do I do it?

That is an interesting question. The simplest answer could be that it’s because I just love it:). It is the way of expressing my vision of this world. In my eyes, the world is a beautiful place with so many awesome things…If I’m lucky to see these places and live those moments I think it would be a shame to let if fade in my memory. I make it immortal by capturing it via my camera and that way I can always go back and relive those moments and places. I don’t need anyone else to like it. Of course, if someone else enjoys what I do, I’m only glad. By sharing it with you I hope I can show you something new or different and perhaps make your day a bit better. If not, I’ll just carry on anyway:).


You can contact me at my e-mail address rbetik (-at-) gmail.com or you can find me at Twitter @RomanBetik. If you’d like to purchase or license any of my photos, see my Licensing page for more information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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