Petrin Gardens

Today’s shot is from Petrin Gardens in Prague. I had some time during the lectures and this beautiful park is near my school. Luckily, I had my camera with me so I could take some pictures.

Petrin Gardens

This particular photo is composed of three different exposures (-2 EV, 0 EV and +2 EV). I merged them together to get a higher range of light. Shooting right against the sun would give me either underexposed foreground or overexposed sky and I didn't want either of that. With these three photos I got every area of the photo properly exposed.

I started with HDR post-processing only recently and my source of knowledge comes from the famous HDR Tutorial from Trey Ratcliff. I promise I’ll try to learn from my mistakes so my photos get better and better:).

Hopefully I’ll have some time during the weekend to process some more photos from today and then I’ll post them here as well. See you soon:). online!

Hello everyone, my new website is live and online. This site will contain my thoughts about digital photography, new technologies or anything I find interesting for sharing with the world. Stay tuned for new content to come:).