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Kampa Park

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Geotagging the photos

Maybe you noticed there is a small map after almost every photo I post here. When I started taking pictures I sometimes took so many I couldn’t remember where I took them. Some time ago I found a useful little app that helps me with that. It’s called GeotagPhotos and it’s available for iPhone or Android devices. They have a free version and also the paid one. The main advantage of the paid one is the ability to measure your location every minute (2, 5, 10 etc.) without you doing anything. The free version can’t do this and you have to manually press the button to save your position (which is kind of a hassle). I tried the free version first and then I decided to buy it. It’s only $3.99 so it won’t ruin anyone’s budget. To finish the tagging process: after you completed your photo trip you can upload the gpx file to their servers (and download it to your computer later) or you can set it up with your Dropbox and it will appear there. After that I take this file with the coordinates to the Lightroom and I let the program do its magic to tag all my photos with their locations. So if you have a similar problem, go check it out.

The Photo

I waited for more than an hour for the light to get just right. Sometimes it’s all about your patience, to wait just a little longer so the colours get to the point it can’t get any better:). Anyway, this is a small restaurant by the Charles Bridge from where you have a nice view of the river Vltava and the city itself.

Where I took this photo:

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The Lines

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This is something new I tried recently. It’s a lot different from what I usually photograph but I sometimes get bored with the usual and want to try something new. I combined the original shot with a different shot (texture) to get this unique effect.

Where I took this photo:

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