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The X

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I usually don’t make black and white photos but this one really asked for it. The main reason why I did it was the clear blue sky which was boring. I made it dark so it would be more interesting and mysterious. If you’d like to see this bridge in person, I found it when I was walking around the town in Bruges:).

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The Atomium

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New Look

It’s been almost a year since I’ve started this blog. The actual anniversary is going to be on November 6. I’m not planning any parties but I’ve been thinking about a new design for some time and I thought this anniversary would be a good time for that. As I have a subscription for Elegant Themes I decided to use it. I found a theme I liked, I tweaked it here and there so it fits my needs. The main thing I wanted to improve was the size of the photos and the main font. I wanted them to be much bigger. As you can see I managed to do that. I hope you like the new look and if you have any comments or suggestions, leave a comment.


When you go to Brussels you can’t miss the Atomium. It is very interesting and kind of futuristic structure. I went inside it with my friend and it was worth it. The view from the top is great and there is also an exhibition. There are escalators in most of the tubes that connect the spheres. That’s something I didn’t expect. Anyway, I took this from behind and with 8mm focal length so the spheres look funny. I actually like it:).

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The Cold Morning in Bruges

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This is probably my favorite photo from my trip to Bruges. Maybe you ask why I didn’t give the photo some other name. It’s because the strongest memory I have about this photo is that it was really cold that morning. It was also really beautiful but the cold kind of won:).

I took this photo as one of the first in Bruges moments after my arrival there. This is a small park near the railway station. The sun peeking through the trees always creates interesting effects and adds some mystical atmosphere to it. As with all of my photos, if you want to see the original size, just click on it and in the Sizes menu above the photo click on the O.

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The Majestic Sint-Pietersabdij

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This is the first church I stepped into in Ghent (or Gent in Dutch/Flemish). I was blown away. The best thing is that it was completely empty and I could take as many pictures as I wanted to. I also used my tripod as in many other churches later in Belgium. I was disappointed when I couldn’t use the tripod in churches in Paris but in Belgium they didn’t seem to be bothered by that (there were some exceptions though but in those cases you just needed to be quicker than they were:)).

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European Parliament Bridge

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I spent the whole day in Brussels going from one sight to another and then I finally arrived at the European parliament. It was almost completely dark and really cold. Nevertheless I set up for some shots of the bridge or whatever it is in front of the building. Here is the final result:).

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