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The Italian Alps

The mountains like these make me feel really small. Nevertheless I enjoy staying around them whether it’s in summer or in winter. Not surprisingly I love taking pictures of them:). This one is from the resort Passo Tonale.

[The Italian Alps](

Curvy Road

If you go to Vyšehrad in Prague, this is what you can see towards the south. I wanted to capture the lights from the cars with a longer exposure which I managed to do partially. Now I think I should’ve waited for another thirty minutes or so. Maybe next time:). Anyway, it’s an HDR from three brackets taken with my 8-16mm lens.

[Curvy Road](

The Bridge

There are many small details in the Japanese section of the botanical garden in Prague that make it interesting. This small bridge is definitely one of them.

[The Bridge](

St. George's Square

St. George’s Square is right behind the Prague Castle and leads to the Basilica of St. George. I visited this square around the sunset and not many people were there. The wide angle makes it look a bit bigger than it actually is. Anyway, it’s a nice place to visit if you’re near the castle.

[St. George's Square](

Japanese Garden

Five years in Prague and I’ve never been to a botanical garden here in this city. Fortunately I came there just in time equipped with just the right stuff (my wide-angle lens and tripod, of course:)). This photo couldn’t be done without those things.

This part of the botanical garden contains some interesting Japanese elements, for example bonsai trees. There were more of those elements but that’s all I can remember:). This photo has no bonsai trees in it but I know you can imagine them:).

[Japanese Garden](