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Fort George

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The last place we visited in Scotland was the Fort George near Inverness. We went there from the Inverness Airport, took a bus to Ardersier and walked two or three kilometres (with our huge backpacks which is not so good idea if you go sightseeing:)) to get to the fort. Anyway, it is still an active army base  but as far as I saw the most of it is a museum. The bad thing is that we had very little time there so we couldn’t take the whole tour. The place looked very interesting, we even got the walkie-talkie guide but had no time to listen to everything it had to say. Maybe next time. For now I have these three pictures:).

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The Scottish Stream

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The Isle of Skye is really beautiful place. Me and my friends decided to rent bicycles and go around the island. I have to say, it was a great idea. The weather was crazy but anytime we were at a place we wanted to enjoy, the sun came out and it was sunny:). We stopped near the Quiraing and went for a walk. I was quite tired that day and I didn’t want to go up there. Fortunately my friends persuaded me and now I’m glad they did. This photo wouldn’t see the light of the world. And that would be a shame:).

The Quiraing Stream

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The Calm Sunset

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We spent the second night on the Isle of Lewis near the Callanish Standing Stones. The sun sets there really late, it’s not dark even at 11pm. So I had to stay up late and wait for the right time. Fortunately we decided to go for a late walk. Later that evening the clouds together with the sun created beautiful sceneries. One of them is this photo.

Just so you know, it wasn’t so perfect to be there, the midges there wanted to eat us alive:). If you ever go there, make sure you have some kind of repellent otherwise you won’t enjoy the time there as much as you could.

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The Horgabost Beach

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I have another photo from the Outer Hebrides. This one is from the beach near Horgabost where we camped for one night. This camp was really nice, unfortunatelly it was quite cold to try to swim in the water (which would be really good after the day spent outside).

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The Cambridge Series

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The Outer Hebrides trip actually started in Cambridge and today I have some photos from there. The weather that day was really great as you can see. I wish I had more time to spend there and take more pictures. Maybe next time.

The Cambridge Canal

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