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This photo is from my recent trip during Easter. I took it in the morning when everything looked calm. The whole ruin is quite nice and I recommend visiting this place if you have a chance.

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Last weekend I took a two-day hike with my friend from Rakovník to Radnice. We stopped at the ruin of Krašov. It is up on the hill and there is a nice view of the river Berounka. Do you like it?

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Rotunda of Saint George

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I organized a short trip last Sunday with couple of my friends. We went to see the Říp which is a hill near Roudnice nad Labem. There is an old rotunda there. It is the romanesque rotunda of Saint George (in the photo)  and it was built in 1126. Another interesting thing about this hill is that the foundation stone of the National Theatre in Prague was taken from here.

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Peeking Sun

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Spring in Prague comes in many ways. Today’s photo shows another one of them:).

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Laburnum Branch

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This photo is as fresh as it could only be, I took it just yesterday:). I can’t help it, I just love the yellow and blue together.

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A Little Daffodil

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I took this photo more or less accidentally while I was taking pictures of my friend. I had my prime 50mm lens on, I used f/1.8 aperture and the resulting effect is quite interesting, isn’t it?

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