The Arch

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When I saw the Notre Dame in Paris, it was with a Parisian. He told us many interesting facts about this arch. Sad thing is that I don’t remember much of it:). However I do remember that it related to the Bible. I’m sure you can find it everywhere on the Internet so I won’t bother you with it. I’ll just show you the picture.

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The Pantheon Ceiling

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I picked another photo of Pantheon. I can’t help it but that place looks so great. Next time I go there, I definitely need a wide-angle lens. No more words, enjoy the picture:).

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The Narrow Street

Posted by on Jun 3, 2011 in Canon EOS 60D, HDR, Paris, Travel | 2 comments

The Google +1 Button

Maybe you have noticed that I added the new feature at the bottom of my posts. It’s the new button from Google, which means this (I borrowed it right from the Google’s site): The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” So it’s basically the same thing as the Like button from Facebook so give it a try;-).

And the photo

This picture is from the tour we had around the Notre Dame with the French guide. There are many tiny and narrow streets around there and if you like that you might like the photo as well:).

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Sun Sets Over the Eiffel Tower

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I still have many unprocessed photos from Paris and I decided to process some more of them. This one I liked the most (from today’s batch) and of course, I have to share it with you:).

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Love Padlocks

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Canon EOS 60D, Paris, Travel | 3 comments

These locks attached to the railings can be found on some bridges in Paris. This particular bridge was really full of them. I think you can find these locks in many places all over the world and they all mean the same thing. They symbolize the love of the couple who put it there (of course they had to throw away the key so it would last:)).

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Pantheon Again:)

Posted by on May 18, 2011 in Canon EOS 60D, HDR, Paris, Travel | 0 comments

I decided to continue with the Pantheon theme and I have another picture of Pantheon for today:).

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