Feathers in the Sky

Posted by on Apr 12, 2014 in Blue Hour, Canon EOS 6D, City Life, Long Exposure, Prague, Spring, Sunset | Comments Off on Feathers in the Sky

I’ve admired long exposure pictures ever since I’ve seen the first one:). I did not have the right tools up until now to try it so I was stuck with the maximum of thirty seconds. I finally got some ND filters and went out to try it out. My goal was just to test the equipment and figure out the right technique. I visited two of my favourite places here in Prague and I failed so many times I should’t even write about it:). Nevertheless, I also managed to get some decent shots, this one is the winner of the day.

In case you were interested (not that it matters), I shot this with a 4-stop ND-filter and for the sky I used 2-stop soft graduated filter. The exposure time for this one was six minutes. And by the way, this time the HDR part was in camera, not in post-processing;).

Photo by Roman Betik from the blog http://www.StillGlimmers.com

Where I took this photo:

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