Road to Tournefeuille

Posted by on Apr 5, 2012 in France, HDR, Sunset, Toulouse, Travel | 3 comments

The first evening in Toulouse ended with a great pizza at Mongelli Pizzas. The pizza there is delicious, if you’re ever nearby, make sure to check it out. These nice trees were on the way there. I was with my uncle and even though we were hungry, my uncle suggested we should take some pictures. I’m glad he did:).

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  1. Ruší mě tam ty červené značky na stromech :-)))…ale jinak je to nááádherná fotka 🙂 Má překrásné slunečně tlumené barvy.

    • Dakujem:). A s tymi znackami mas pravdu, dovolil som si ich zrusit;-).

      • Páni! Teď už je to jak do kalendáře 🙂

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