The Pond

Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in Canon EOS 60D, HDR, Prague | 0 comments

Today I tried a new thing. My Canon camera can make only three exposures in auto-bracketing mode. So I did a little trick with exposure compensation and took six exposures in two steps (-3 1/3EV, 3 exposures, then +3 1/3 and again 3 exposures). Then I deleted one of the middle exposures because I had that twice. I was left with five exposures from -3 1/3, -1 2/3, 0, +1 2/3, +3 1/3 (why the weird numbers? I just wanted the step to be bigger than 1 EV but less then 2EV). Then I followed my usual workflow and this is the result. I think the additional exposures helped it somehow. The place is called Stromovka and it’s a nice park where people go runnig, skating or they do whatever they like:).

PS: don’t forget to click on the image;-).

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