Love Padlocks

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Canon EOS 60D, Paris, Travel | 3 comments

These locks attached to the railings can be found on some bridges in Paris. This particular bridge was really full of them. I think you can find these locks in many places all over the world and they all mean the same thing. They symbolize the love of the couple who put it there (of course they had to throw away the key so it would last:)).

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  1. Have you seen such padlocks in any other cities?

    (We found the place by accident last year with my (then) girlfriend, so we hadn’t brought any padlock. We broke up shortly thereafter. I guess that I’ll have a few padlocks with me the next time I travel with a girlfriend, just in case;).)

  2. Actually I haven’t but according to this they can be found in many cities (and there should be some in Prague as well, I must check it out:).

  3. I have seen them yesterday in Banska Stiavnica so they probably really are everywhere 😛

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